Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sync Outlook with Google Calendar - SyncMyCal

I've been looking for a good tool to Syncronise my Outlook and Google Calendar's for a while now.
I've tried a few but they did not seem to work too well.

I've just downloaded the Lite version of SyncMyCal
Share Outlook Calendar Free, Google Calendar Sync, Pocket Outlook Google Sync - SyncMyCal
I have to say I'm impresses.
I'm using the Lite Outlook2002 version and it works quite well updating my Google Calendar with the events from my Outlook Calendar.

The lite version only does 7 days of events (Today, three days in the future and three days in the passed), but it's good and it works well, though I have to remember to Sync by hand.

The Pro version is just $25 and allows unlimited date ranges and also will schedule Sync's automatically to keep Google and Outlook together.

I'll be upgrading to the Pro version ASAP.

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